Friday, February 17, 2012

What's the gift?

I have been inspired by persons who, in the face of difficulty, ask the question, “What’s the gift?”  I believe that the ability to see the positive growing, edging forward energy within those difficult times is at the center of our Christian Faith.  When Jesus announced that He would go through suffering and death and on the third day be raised, Peter tried to deny that this terrible thing would ever happen.  Jesus told Peter that he was not thinking the way God thinks.  No, God does not will suffering and death in itself, but gives gifts of love in new life in and through suffering.  I want to find what’s the gift in every untoward event as it happens. Maybe I can end up being very gifted!  And my friends, too!

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  1. Seems it usually takes hindsight to recognize any gift, so one needs to take reflection time for the discovery. Or as the gospel says of Mary: "She pondered all of these things in her heart." Thanks, Rose Mae!