Monday, April 25, 2011


Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the first Easter.  Wow!   But the Bible does not say that Jesus was resuscitated and therefore brought back to life.  Jesus’ new life is different from that of Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, so that Lazarus could go on living with his sisters, Martha and Mary, as before his death, in Bethany.  Lazarus would have to die again some day.
What is this business of Jesus being raised from the dead?  Jesus apparently had the same body as before, because the disciples recognized Him when He appeared to them.  After the Resurrection, Jesus was definitely alive; He even ate some breakfast with His own.    He did not seem to be confined within space.  He could go through walls when He wanted to be with someone.
Death no longer has dominion in this world.  Am I ever glad about that!  It sure is a mystery as to what exactly lies beyond our dying.  What I do know is that Jesus, the Son of God -- this wonderful, loving Savior -- will be there to receive me.  Alleluia!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello, on this bright, blustery day!
I think I know why religious communities of Catholic Sisters and Brothers are not receiving many new members these days.   Forty-some years ago it was clarified by church authorities in a world-wide Council that THE CALL TO HOLINESS IS UNIVERSAL.
Before that time I had had a big argument with my brother.  He told me that “You Sisters can be Saints, but we lay people can’t.”  I remember telling him, no, that we are equal in that matter.  But he wouldn’t listen to me.  For whatever reason, he was convinced that his way of life could never bring him to that intimate relationship with God.
Nowadays many know better:  God is in reach of all of us and we can all be Saints – no matter our calling in life.  Hey!  I don’t have to be a Sister or a Brother to reach that noble goal. 
I am eagerly anticipating meeting my brother on the other side of the pearly gates where he has gone fully living in God’s love.